Books on Healing

Basic Pranic Healing

This is the new expanded and updated version of the original PRANIC HEALING book by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. The best-selling book on Pranic Healing – translated into almost 27 languages with thousands of copies sold in India alone. Testimonials from healers all over the world are also included to help validate the miracles attributed to PRANIC HEALING. A must for the serious spiritual healer and practitioner!

Advanced Pranic Healing

PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR HEALING WITH COLOR PRANAS The first ever book to reveal in detail, the techniques to produce colour pranic energies using one’s chakras, properties of each colour of prana, uses of colour pranas in healing and other powerful, advanced healing techniques.

Pranic Psychotherapy

Do you feel stressed, depressed or simply overwhelmed by your problems? Pranic Psychotherapy bridges the gap between the mind, the physical body, and the human energy system, providing new dimensions to traditional psychotherapeutic measures and practices. This book offers a simple, yet comprehensive and effective guide in treating psychological ailments including anxiety, stress, phobia, depression, etc.Pranic Psychotherapy is a seminal and ground breaking work that has impacted me both professionally and personally.

Pranic Crystal Healing

Learn to apply Pranic Healing principles and techniques utilizing the natural power ofcrystals. This book teaches the properties of crystals, increasing your healing power with the use of crystals, cleansing, charging and programming of crystals, techniques to relieve and treat headaches, fever, menstrual discomfort, arthritis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and more. Also learn how to use crystals as protective amulets from psychic attacks, as well as how to energize rings, pendants and jewelry to enhance healing, prosperity and protection for yourself, loved ones and business associates.

Practical Psychic self-Defense for Home and Office

The author unravels a treasure trove of psychic self-defense techniques, some of which have been practiced by ancient spiritual teachers and martial art masters. The book offers simple, effective, and practical remedies to psychic problems encountered by most people.It teaches several ways self defence from projected negative thoughts , psychic contamination  knowing how to deal with black magicians, taking corrective actions when a person has been psychically penetrated and other never before known techniques.

Books on Spirituality

Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed

Why does Lord Ganesha have an elephant head? Was Lord Hanuman really a monkey? Why are Indian deities shown with blue skin? What is the meaning of a peacock feather? If you would like to know the answers to these questions and many more, this book is for you. Drawing upon his vast knowledge of various cultures and religions and with his background as a Master Pranic Healer, Master Choa Kok Sui reveals the true meaning behind many of the symbols and rituals of Hinduism.

Universal and Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer

Grand Master Choa reveals the secrets on tapping the power of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and the “Lord’s Prayer”. Unknown to the masses, they actually contain the blueprint for rapid spiritual development. Learn the correspondence of the 11 Major Chakras with 11 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life; the special energies residing in each Sephira; experience the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ in the form of a powerful meditation to rapidly purify the aura, the chakras and much more.

The Spiritual Essence of Man

Grand Master Choa breathes life into the spiritual dimensions of wealth, sex, war, alchemy and other mundane preoccupations based on the Tree of Life. Set against a multi-cultural backdrop, are the syntheses of various esoteric systems.Within this book are inner secrets of the spiritual anatomy in the form of the Inverted Tree of Life as it relates to the inner constitution of the embodied human soul, practical aspects of the chakras, the incarnated soul and the higher soul as explained through the Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian, Christian and Jewish Traditions and much more.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Mantras are sacred words or sounds that vibrate to certain divine connections. ‘OM’ and ‘AMEN’ are examples of sacred sounds. ‘OM MANI PADME HUM’ is a powerful mantra and prayer that is imbued with tremendous Love, Mercy and Compassion. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui reveals the deeper understanding of this powerful mantra, its numerous benefits and applications. From this book, one can learn more about the power of the mantra ‘OM MANI PADME HUM’ and how this can be used to achieve “yoga”, or Union with the Higher Soul.

The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga

Have you ever wondered, who is Master Choa Kok Sui’s Spiritual Teacher? How did he meet his Teacher? Who are his spiritual mentors and what were their contributions to Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga? What are the different levels of Arhatic Yoga? In this latest book, Master Choa Kok Sui reveals for the first time amazing revelations on the roots of Pranic Healing, a major breakthrough of the 21st century, and Arhatic Yoga, which is an advanced form of spiritual practice. Now for the first time, Grand Master Choa publicly tells the personal story of his Spiritual Unfolding.

The Chakras and Their Functions

This comprehensive guide on the 11 major chakras is the first of its kind in the world. Most books only describe the 7 chakras. After many years of extensive experimentation and validation from high level clairvoyants, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui reveals the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual significance of the 11 Major chakras. It includes never before seen color images of the chakras painted by an advanced clairvoyant artist. Special references on the chakras are made in relation to the Kabbalistic, Chinese Acupuncture and Hindu traditions.

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

Ancient Meditations techniques are now revealed and taught to the public in this rare book. Master Choa discusses the meaning of Soul Realization and two advanced meditations – Meditation on Twin Hearts and Meditation on the Soul. Topics include: Activation of the Heart and Crown Chakras, Kundalini Energy and Soul Realization, Raising One’s Consciousness, Achieving Stillness, Difference between Meditation and Concentration, The Three Permanent Seeds, Advanced Pranic Breathing Techniques and more.

The Existence of God is Self Evident

This booklet has 70 sutras and is designed as a practical tool for consistent daily spiritual expansion of your mind. Designed with dimensions small enough to fit into your pocket, every page and sutra is intended help you understand God’s Omnipotence and Omnipresence in your very existence!By the repeated reading of this book, you can achieve illumination and divine oneness within a very short period of time. This union through knowledge and understanding imparts spiritual practical strength and depth to everyone.

Super Brain Yoga

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui reveals an ancient Indian technique of increasing your brain power by harnessing the body’s primordial energies. Learn to gradually improve your memory, increase focus and achieve mental clarity with a simple easy to do exercise. The master also includes scientific studies showing dramatic improvements in children diagnosed with Autism, ADD, and ADD / ADHD.

Golden Lotus Sutras

“The Golden Lotus Sutras of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is a set of 7 books containing quotes and teachings by him on various topics. They were compiled over a period of 9 years and are a tremendous source of guidance and inspiration to many. (The books can be purchased and read separately – they do not need to be read in any sequence.)”

Beyond the Mind

– The Golden Lotus Sutra on Meditation Teachings include: “Do not meditate too much on those who hurt you or aggravate you. What you meditate on, you become! Meditate on the Guru and the Higher Beings.” “Dirty food dirties only your body, but dirty words dirty your Soul!” “Every day you take a shower. Practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts is like taking a Spiritual Shower. When your aura is clean, you experience a Higher Level of awareness. When your aura is clean, you see through things more clearly. Even your Good Luck increases.” “You are a Soul with a body, not a body with a Soul.” “The Soul is the Gateway to Heaven within you.”

Experiencing Being

– The Golden Lotus Sutra on Life “Your Spiritual Development depends on your ability to forgive others.” “Do not be unhappy. The past is the past! Let go, learn to forgive and forget. Let go and Live!” “Dying is a Science. Do not be attached to your body. Eventually, all that exists will die.”

Compassionate Objectivity

-The Golden Lotus Sutra on Character Building “Character Building is a manifestation of your spiritual development.” “The more you develop the virtues, the stronger your connection to God will become.” “Remember, your soul has to get dirty to throw mud.” “You do not have to be perfect – at least not in this incarnation.”

Creative Transformation

– The Golden Lotus Sutra on Spiritual Practise “The Guru can show the way, but you must walk the path.” “Spirituality is a way of life. It is not just doing meditation.” “Is it not time to change? The same old patterns recur within you for weeks, months and years.” “Since when has anger been a sign of Spiritual Development? Learn to regulate your emotions.” “Be very grateful to the people who are nasty with you. They help you to evolve!”

Achieve the Impossible

– the Golden Lotus Sutraon Spiritual Business Management “You have to watch what you think and what you say. These factors affect your prosperity.” “Do not have too many objectives. One-pointedness is the key to success. Break one arrow at a time.” “Life is governed by cycles, by change. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down.” “The Law of Karma is not fatalistic. It gives you the ability to create your future.”

Inspired Action

– The Golden Lotus Sutra on Teaching “If you want to learn, empty your cup to make room for the teachings to go in.” “A teacher must be a perpetual student.”

Possible Miracles

– the Golden Lotus Sutra on Pranic Healing “Pranic Healing is a bridge to spirituality.” “Healing is Active Meditation. Healing is Meditation in Motion.” “A Healer’s attitude is very important. It is only when you are humble that you become a Powerful Healer.”


Meditation CDs

Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination

This powerful meditation, aimed at achieving divine consciousness or illumination, cleanses and energizes your aura. . It has been used to relive stress and various psychological conditions. A strong and clean aura provides a big reservoir of energy- a must for any healer or health practitioner. When practiced regularly some of the benefits are increased mental clarity, relief of stress, enhancement of your psychic abilities and increased intelligence and comprehension skills all distinct advantages for any profession. In addition, this album contains a powerful technique for relieving stress and psychological conditions.

Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Healing

Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing is an exceptional meditation technique for spiritual development and healing. In addition, following the Meditation on Twin Hearts, a powerful technique for healing illness and injury and for maintaining radiant health is used for healing. The health benefits of the Meditation on Twin Hearts and Self-Pranic Healing is well recognized. Successful and dramatic healings have come about from the practice of this meditation.

Meditation on Twin Hearts With Chakral Healing

Meditation on Twin Hearts for Psychological Health and Well-Being is a very powerful meditation that cleanses and energizes your aura. It has been used to relive stress and various psychological conditions. When practiced regularly some of the benefits are increased mental clarity, relief of stress, enhancement of your psychic abilities and increased intelligence and comprehension skills – all distinct advantages for any profession. In addition, this album contains a powerful technique for relieving stress and psychological conditions.

Meditation on Loving Kindness

Recorded Live at the 2004 Wesak Festival Meditation in Germany, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui leads you in the Meditation on Twin Hearts Wesak Version. Practice this ancient Tibetan meditation that opens the Heart and Crown chakras. Experience the Compassionate, Soothing, Blissful and Wish-fulfilling Energies of this meditation.

Universal Kaballistic Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer

Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer is a non-sectarian universal spiritual meditation guided by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, an internationally know author, lecturer and spiritual teacher. The essence of the meditation is based on the correlation of the phrases of The Lord’s Prayer with the eleven major energy centers that function as entry points to certain levels of consciousness.

Meditation on the Soul

The Meditation on the Soul is the synthesis of ancient meditational techniques kept secret for centuries. The meditation allows the practitioner to accelerate the union of the incarnated soul (lower self or personality) with the Higher Soul (Higher Self). This phenomenon is known as Soul-realization, Enlightenment, or Illumination.

Mantras CDs

Om Namo Rama Om CD

Chanted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui This powerful mantra is a great tool for: • Intense activation of the crown and heart chakras • Spiritual Empowerment to accomplish big projects • Connection to the Spiritual Teacher & Higher Beings • Help increase one’s healing abilities

Om Namah Shivaya Om CD

Chanted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui This powerful mantra is a great tool for: • Purifying a room of negative energies • Anti-psychic attack: Neutralize negative energies from others • Intensify connection with the Higher Soul or the Shiva within

Om Mani Padme Hum

The Mantra of Compassion and Mercy By Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Some of the Benefits of chanting this CD: • Blessing Loved Ones & Friends • Bless a place with Peace, Love, Harmony & Prosperity • Wish fulfilling (when karmaically entitled) will be covered in the OMPH class

Om – The Sound of Stillness

The OM is a universal sound similar to Aum or Amen. Its purpose is to blend one’s individual consciousness with Divine consciousness. Powerful energies emitted by this recording can be used to disintegrate diseased and negative energies in the meditator as well as the environment. It cleanses, energizes, removes stress, elevates Consciousness, and creates an energetically Clean, Peaceful & Spiritual Environment.

Om Shanti – Mantra for Peace

This highly-energized sacred mantra is intended to facilitate deeper states of relaxation, to create a sense of calmness and spiritual well-being. It soothes, uplifts and inspires one during meditation. May be used for stress reduction.

Amen – The Divine Sound CD

Amen, as changed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, is a universal sound similar to Aum or Om. Its purpose is to blend one’s individual consciousness with Divine Consciousness.Its great for cleansing, energizing, removing stress, elevating one’s Consciousness, and it creates an energetically Clean, Peaceful and Spiritual Environment. Perfect for meditation rooms, healing rooms, and purification of places after arguments!

Gayatri Mantra

Chanted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui This powerful mantra is a great tool for: • Purifying the aura & chakras • Developing Intuition and Buddhic Intelligence • Increasing mental clarity and emotional stability • Salutations to the Supreme God manifesting through the Sun

Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra

Chanted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui This powerful mantra is a great tool for saturating your basic chakra with Prosperity Energies. As we know, like energies attract. Bathe your energy field with Prosperity Energies, it will attract similar vibrations.

Arhatic Meditation CDs

Meditation on Arhatic Dhyan

Only For Arhatic Practitioners  Arhatic Dhyan is an advanced Arhatic Yoga meditation that develops the practice of prolonged awareness. Prolonged awareness is necessary in order to register and respond to inner and higher stimuli. To be successful in one’s spiritual practice, there must be proper balance between prolonged one-pointedness (concentration) and prolonged awareness.

Inner Purification The Blue Triangle

Only For Arhatic Practitioners. The Blue Triangle is your psychic garbage can. It is used to extract and disintegrate unwanted habits, vices and energies from within you.The longer an unwanted quality has been accumulating in your system, the more time it will take to remove it. These unwanted, undesirable energies may take the form of inner pain, repetitive or obsessive thoughts, compulsive or unwholesome habits or general weaknesses in your personality or in your nature.

Arhatic Kundalini II

Only For Arhatic Practitioners Arhatic Yoga Kundalini Meditation, also known as Meditation on the Inner Breath, is a fundamental and major Arhatic Yoga meditation. The meditation focuses on circulating energy techniques that clean, energize, and balance the chakras and the aura resulting in the purification of the energy bodies, safe awakening of the sacred fire or kundalini and development of inner awareness and expansion of consciousness. This 4-1/2 cycle version is interlaced with the chanting of Om-The Divine Sound by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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